Yuvraj Singh Slams Virat Kohli After Getting Dropped From The Indian Test Squad

Blog By suhas  |  09-11-16

This is what Yuvraj Singh said about Indian test Captain Virat Kohli after not getting selected in the Indian test squad...

#3 Yuvraj Singh

#3 Yuvraj Singh

India starts competing with England in the test games from tomorrow. Yuvraj Singh was pretty hopeful of making a comeback in the test squad thanks to his amazing performances in the domestic cricket.

But for some reason, he wasn't picked up in the test squad by selectors. People were obviously expecting his reaction over the entire situation.

#2 YouWeCan

#2 YouWeCan

Since he is currently not a part of the Indian team, he is busy promoting his charity foundation called 'YouWeCan' which helps people to fight against cancer by creating awareness about cancer, its prevention and raising funds. To promote this, he went to Radio Mirchi for an interview.

He answered several questions. Questions about Virat Kohli as well. You should totally read his answer involving Kohli.

Keep reading ahead to see what he said.

#1 The Interview

Before you start getting weird ideas in your head, let me tell you that Yuvraj answered a question mentioning Virat in a very humorous way. There's nothing wrong between the two stars.

He was asked about who is the biggest Miser in team India to which he answered, Virat Kohli is the biggest miser. So, every time we go out, it's me always paying and I have to force him to give the money. The interviewer asked Yuvraj 20 questions and the answers are damn hilarious.

Watch the entire interview here.

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