Wow! This Is Possibly The Fastest Run Taken In The History Of Cricket! MS Dhoni Beats Usain Bolt...

Blog By suhas  |  06-01-17

MS Dhoni is the fastest runner in the world. Hence Proved...

#3 MS Dhoni

#3 MS Dhoni

Now that MS Dhoni is not the captain of Indian Cricket team anymore, we can expect him to get into his shoes that he wore when he entered the international cricket arena and go bad shit crazy on opponents with his Helicopter shot.

One more thing that will be back is his running skills. Very seriously speaking, his running skills were never gone and in all these years, he has been the fastest runner in those 22 yards.

#2 The Conversion

#2 The Conversion

But once upon a time, he did something that has never been repeated by anyone in the international cricket. He actually defeated Usain Bolt in his game of running.

The man definitely believes that singles and doubles are equally important to fours and sixes in the game of cricket. And the way he converted a single into a double in a match against England, we don't have words to describe our amazement.

Checkout the video ahead.

#1 The Video

The game was against England. India was batting. Dhoni and Raina were on crease. Dhoni missed and the ball went to the keeper. Before the keeper could do anything, our batsmen ran and completed a run.

What happened next is what shook everyone. You simply cannot miss it. Take a look.

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