Watch: You Won't Believe What Happened After Virat Kohli Didn't Listen To MS Dhoni...

Blog By suhas  |  23-01-17

Nothing in this world can beat the word of an experienced man and Dhoni proves that...

#3 3rd ODi

#3 3rd ODi

India lost its third game in what can be termed as a very high scoring series against England. Honestly speaking, last match was just a formality and an opportunity for visitors to avoid the humiliation of the clean sweep.

They caught opportunity well and defeated India in the nail biting contest by 5 runs.

#2 MS Dhoni

#2 MS Dhoni

Having said that, you will also have to praise the new Indian captain for leading the team in the manner he did and performing well himself to set an example. Kohli might just be what India needs right now but Dhoni is still the one that every single cricketing nation needs forever.

MS Dhoni hardly goes wrong with his instincts on field. The man is amazing and can shy away all the Umpires in the game. He never goes wrong with his appeals and can think as good as a decision maker on field. Now, if you have someone like this in your team, why wouldn't you listen to him? Kohli did this mistake by the way. What happened next?

Keep reading ahead to see that.

#1 The Video

So there came a point in the third ODI where Indian team appealed for a caught behind and Umpire turned the appeal down. This is when our new young Captain Kohli directly went for a review ruling out Dhoni's reaction of it being a not out.

The decision was right and so was Dhoni. India lost it's only DRS in the game and eventually lost the game as well. Checkout the video here.

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