When Saha Pulled Off A Dhoni Against England. Ms. Dhoni Will Be Super Proud...

Blog By suhas  |  19-11-16

This is magical...

#3 MS Dhoni

#3 MS Dhoni

If you are a Dhoni fan, you know that it is a treat to see him behind the stumps. The entire cricket fraternity knows that he is possibly the best wicket keeper the game has seen in years.

The way he completes his stumpings and run outs have actually become a trade mark of sorts. How many other wicket keepers in the world do you think can do this?

#2 The Answer

#2 The Answer

The answer to that difficult question of who can keep wickets like Dhoni is none other than Wriddhiman Saha and he proved that today in the game against England.

The way he concluded the dismissal of English opener Hamid is amazing. He did it just like Dhoni at his best. You need to see this.

Keep reading ahead to see that.

#1 The Similarities

If you'd not know that MS has already retired from the Test cricket, for a second after looking at this dismissal, you'd think that it was Dhoni behind the stumps.

Look at the images and Tweets below and you'll know how.

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