Watch: That Moment In Indian Cricket When Zaheer Khan Hit 4 Sixes In Four Balls. Amazing!

Blog By rashmi  |  22-12-16

Best innings of Zaheer Khan's life...

#3 Zaheer Khan

#3 Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan is one of the best fast bowlers India has ever produced. At his prime, he was considered to be the most dangerous swing bowler in the world.

This man's contribution in India's 2011 World Cup victory Triumph is incomparable. No matter where he plays, he has always been an amazing bowler for his team.

#2 Zaheer's Batting

#2 Zaheer's Batting

Although, Zaheer has never been a master with the bat but he created a reputation as a big hitter of the ball quite early on in his Career. On number of occasions, he has made a very significant contribution with his bat as well.

This innings that we are about to show you is one of them. It is regarded as his best batting innings ever.

Keep reading ahead to see this innings.

#1 The Video

So in this video below, Zaheer Khan smashes 4 sixes in 4 consecutive balls in a match. The sixes are long and the commentators are stunned by this beautiful display of batting done by a premier fast bowler.

Checkout the video here.

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