Video: This Bowler Messed With Dada, Look What He Did With Him Later...

Blog By suhas  |  22-12-16

This is why you never mess with Sourav Ganguly...

#3 Dada

#3 Dada

We usually call MS Dhoni as the best Indian captain in the history of this game because he has won so many games for us. But trust me, there is one man who will always be bigger than Dhoni.

I am talking about our Dada, Sourav Ganguly! DHoni won games for us as a captain but Dada taught us how to win games as a captain and no one in this world can take that away from him!

#2 Aggressive Is The Word

#2 Aggressive Is The Word

One word that defines Dada's captaincy is Aggression. His brand of captaincy was aggressive. He played to win. And just like his captaincy, Dada was a very aggressive batsman as well.

He'll always go down as one of the best lefty to ever grace the game. His fans got to see one such aggressive innings in a game against Zimbabwe. No one can ever forget that game.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened in that game.

#1 The Video

We all remember Yuvraj Singh's 6 sixes in one over to Broad because of a brawl with Flintoff. But it first happened with Dada in a game against Zimbabwe. The player wasn't Flintoff and he didn't end up hitting 6 sixes in an over but he managed to hit 3 HUGE sixes.

That is when people started believing in the hitting ability of Ganguly. Trust me with this, you need to see the video. Take a look.

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