Video: The Catch Taken By This Cricketer Is Better Than Every Catch Taken By MS DHONI. Astonishing.

Blog By suhas  |  04-11-16

We finally have a new Jonty Rhodes in the International cricket. Take a look...

#3 MS Dhoni

#3 MS Dhoni

The catches and the stumpings completed by MS Dhoni simply become unforgettable thanks to the quickness and the level of difficulty during that situation. But when Dhoni steps back and appreciates someone's fielding abilities, the man has to be brilliant.

An amazing catch was witnessed recently in the international cricket that later went viral online and people just loved it.

#2 The Catch

#2 The Catch

In the ongoing test series between Australia and South Africa, an incredible catch has been taken. The match was being played on the Perth Cricket Ground and South Africa was batting.

On the fourth ball of the game, Mitchel Marsh took an outstanding catch and received a lot of appreciation for the same.

Keep reading ahead to see the catch.

#1 The Video

The catch is amazing and will remind you of Jonty Rhodes. The catch was a flyer and will remembered for a long time. Many cricketers tweeted about the same and you simply cannot miss the catch.

Checkout the video here and let us know your views about the catch. Take a look.

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