Video: Dhoni's Helicopter Shot To Malinga Is Possibly The Best Shot Ever Played In The History Of IPL. Take A Look...

Blog By rashmi  |  26-12-16

Every Dhoni fan needs to see this. In fact, every cricket fan need to see this! Take a look...

#3 MS Dhoni

#3 MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is undoubtedly the best captain in the recent times. A man who has a T20 world cup. ODI world Cup, Champions Trophy, IPL etc under his belt as a captain has to be special.

But before he became a captain, he became popular for something else and NO, we are not talking about his hair! We are talking about something bigger and better than that.

#2 Helicopter Shot

#2 Helicopter Shot

We are talking about MSD's Helicopter shot. The man gained immense popularity thanks to his incredible helicopter shot. No one can forget his unbelievable innings against Pakistan or Sri Lanka where he scored 183.

He has played this shot tons of times in his entire career till date but one of the most memorable moment came during an IPL game against Mumbai Indians. That shot became more special because it came against the bowling Maestro Lasith Malinga.

Keep reading ahead to see that shot.

#1 The Video

It was a high pressure game and Malinga was at his best. He already created havoc in the CSK top order. He was bowling at the death (he loves to do that) and Dhoni needed to hit some biggies.

What happened next can never be forgotten by any CRICKET fan. This will go down as the best shot in the history of IPL. Take a look!

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