VIDEO : Virat Kohli Imitating MS Dhoni Helicopter Shot

Blog By rashmi  |  07-11-16

This unforgettable moment!

#3 The Two Pillars

#3 The Two Pillars

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni are two pillars of Indian ODI and T20 cricket. Both of them have different styles of playing cricket. Both of them are known for different temperaments while batting.

Both of them are successful in their own way. But sometimes, both of them end up doing something that becomes unforgettable simply because of the charm they bring in.

#2 Helicopter Shot

#2 Helicopter Shot

Both of them are very different from each other but sometimes, look very similar. Specially this time against Sri Lanka. This is a very special occasion mind you.

This is the match where Kohli got his 21st ODI century against Sri Lanka. This is also the game where a Helicopter shot was hit and people went crazy over the hit. Mainly because the match was being played at Ranchi and Helicopter shot is the signature hit of local boy Dhoni.

But guess what, it wasn't Dhoni who hit the Helicopter shot. It was Virat Kohli and man-o-man, he aced it.

Checkout Kohli's version of Helicopter shot ahead.

#1 The Video

There's a reason why people call him the best batsman in the world. Honestly, there isn't any shot that this man can't play. Even MS Dhoni would've appreciated this Helicopter shot by Virat Kohli.

After this shot, he smashed another one for six and finished the game for India in style. You are going to love this video.

Take a look.

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