This Is Why Sehwag Is The Best Celebrity On Twitter. Checkout His Hilarious Birthday Wish To Kallis

Blog By suhas  |  25-10-16

This is why following Sehwag is MUST on twitter...

#3 Sehwag On Twitter

#3 Sehwag On Twitter

Let me give you a piece of advice that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life. IF YOU ARE ON TWITTER, FOLLOW VIRENDER SEHWAG. He is arguably the best celebrity on Twitter.

Over and over again, this man has proved that he is one of the wittiest celebrities in the world. He did it again on the occasion of Jacques Kallis's birthday.

#2 Superman From India

#2 Superman From India

On 16th October, Sehwag wished Kallis on his birthday. Generally, a normal man's birthday wish is 'Happy birthday to you, may god bless you' or something non-complicated.

But Sehwag ain't a normal man bro! He is a super man from India who can troll anyone anytime! His birthday wish? Superhit.

Keep reading ahead to see how Sehwag wished Kallis on his birthday.

#1 The Wish

For starters, Sehwag called Kallis Jhakkass. And then, he continued with his antics. Now this is amazing. Even if its your birthday, Sehwag is not gonna spare you. Amazing, right?

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