This Is What Happened When KOHLI Replaced DHONI As The Wicket Keeper...

Blog By suhas  |  05-11-16

You are in for a shocker my friends...

#3 MS Dhoni

#3 MS Dhoni

Not much can be said about MS Dhoni's wicket keeping skills. We all know that he is the master of that art. We know for a fact that he is amazing and possibly the best wicket Keeper the world has seen in years.

Who do you think should Keep for team India in the absence of Dhoni? Well, we have a name for you. How about Virat Kohli? Surprised? He's already done that once in the past people.

#2 Kohli, The Keeper

#2 Kohli, The Keeper

We are not kidding. Back in 2015, Virat Kohli did MS Dhoni's job when the later had to go out thanks to a nature's call. India was playing against Bangladesh and Kohli kept wickets for the 44th over of the innings.

The interesting bit is that he was keeping wickets for arguably the fastest Indian pacer currently, Umesh Yadav. He even collected the ball when it missed the stumps in the later half of the over. You need to see Kohli's Keeping Skills.

Keep reading ahead to see that.

#1 The Video

Dhoni returned to his post in the 45th over, and Kohli happily returned to his fielding position. But that one over was surely fun for Virat Kohli and all his fans all around the world.

On a very serious note, now that MS Dhoni is retired from the Test Matches, will we ever get a keeper as good as him again? Think about that later and checkout Kohli's keeping now. Take a look...

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