This Is How Virat Kohli Reacted On James Anderson's 'Home Track' Comments.

Blog By suhas  |  26-12-16

A pure gentleman...

#3 James Anderson

#3 James Anderson

The last time English cricket team visited India, they embarrassed and humiliated the hosts by defeating them in the most unbelievable fashion. Britishers were on top of their game back then.

When Indians visited England, the only thing different by the end of the tour was the country. The result was still the same. The on going Test Series between India and England was somehow rooted to be a revenge seeking tournament for India.

#2 Terrible Performance

#2 Terrible Performance

England came into the tournament with a very terrible performance losing their test series against Bangladesh in Bangladesh. And in here, they are already trailing 3-0.

Things couldn't have become more frustrating for English Players. This is when their premier fast Bowler James Anderson said something in the press conference that he shouldn't have.

He said, “I’m not sure he’s changed. I just think any technical deficiencies he’s got aren’t in play out here. The wickets just take that out of the equation. We had success against him in England, but the pace of the pitches over here just take any flaws he has out of the equation. There’s not that pace in the wicket to get the nicks, like we did against him in England with a bit more movement. Pitches like this suit him down to the ground." Everyone criticized this comment but Kohli's reaction? Amazing!

Keep reading ahead to see his reaction.

#1 The Reaction

On this entire matter, Virat Kohli said, “I don’t want to debate about my performances or Ashwin’s. I also don’t want to say England were inferior. Everyone witnessed the match and it’s quite clear which team was better. I also told Ash that we are already set to win 3-0 and should let the matter to just pass away. Let them feel that they did wrong by speaking in such manner. Anderson felt guilty, it was evident.”

Now this was a very mature approach to the incident by Virat. Amazing!

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