Mary Kom Crowned Queen Of Asia For 5th Time In Her Career.

Blog By Hazel  |  09-11-17

Just When You Thought She Had Given Up She Strikes Back With A Bang.

#5 Ho Chi Minh City.

#5 Ho Chi Minh City.

The 34 year Boxer Mary Kom has kicked off her career in the ring again and started off with a gold medal at the Asian women's boxing championships in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday.

#4 PM Congratulated On Twitter.

She returned to her favoured 48 kg category after five years. Last time she competed in this weight class, Mary won the 2012 London Olympics bronze - India's most decorated pugilist brought home her fifth Asian gold medal and first since 2012. One of two Indian boxers to enter the final, along with Sonia Lather (57kg), Mary outclassed Hyang Mi Kim of Korea with a unanimous 5-0 verdict on Wednesday.

Narendra Modi congratulated her on twitter.

#3 Mary Kom Words.

Mary Kom says, "I have been feeling confident ever since I started training in the 48kg category few months back. The federation has been very helpful in aiding my comeback into the ring, providing great training support, sparring partners, etc.I knew if I maintained my fitness throughout this tournament, I will be unbeatable. This is not overconfidence but belief in my ability."

#2 Rajya Sabha Member.

She further added, "The Korean was a tricky opponent.She was tall, very tall in fact. Ever since I have returned to the 48kg category, I have noticed that most of the girls are much more taller than me. I've have had to adapt my game according to that and training with girls of similar height has helped me."

"The Nationals is the next event for us in December. But I have some commitments as a Rajya Sabha member as well and I'll request the federation if I can be excused. The Parliament position only came to me because of my achievements in the ring. But I can't stop dreaming as I am already thinking about winning an Olympic medal for India, but this time it should be a gold,"she laughed as she said.

#1 Boxing Federation Of India.

#1 Boxing Federation Of India.

"Mary Kom's gold at the Asian Boxing Championship is a huge victory for India's women power. At 34, this mother of three has shown that, with grit and determination, you can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds," Boxing Federation of India's president Ajay Singh said.

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