Irfan Pathan Got Trolled In A Very Bad Manner For Posting Selfie With Wife!

Blog By mariam  |  18-07-17

See Inside The Most disgusting Facebook Comment.

#4 Irfan Pathan Selfie In Trouble

The left-handed bowler was seen singing romantic songs dedicated to his wife Safa Baig. He uploaded a selfie for the first time with her from his official Facebook account with the caption, “This girl is trouble ?? #love #wifey”.

#3 Irfan Mocked!

#3 Irfan Mocked!

Irfan Pathan is in huge trouble as he was soon ridiculed for not only uploading picture of his wife, in which half of her face is visible, but also for applying nail polish.
The picture, in which Baig is covering her face, Pathan is being ridiculed for ‘letting her show her arms and part of face.’ It was an advise for him to remove the picture slamming him for not being ‘a good Muslim’.

A comment read, “WTF Tell her to cover her arms. Being a muslim and being a Pathan its your duty to do so.” See ahead more bad comments Irfan Pathan has to go through

#2 Bad Comments!

#1 Narrow Minded People

This isn't the first time an Indian cricketer had to deal with such bigotry. Last year, India's pace spearhead Mohammed Shami's wife was insulted after pictures of the duo in which she was wearing a sleeveless gown. Shami, though, hit back strongly at the haters, asking them to reflect on their own conduct.

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