“India-Pakistan CT Final was fixed” said Minister Ramdas Athawale. Who all were involved Got Revealed.

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This news is going hell viral!

#4 Humiliating Defeat

#4 Humiliating Defeat

The humiliating defeat to Pakistan in the final of the Champions Trophy few weeks ago is yet to sink in for the Indian fans despite a couple of wins in West Indies.

The fans on this side of the border were too disappointed after their team lost to their arch-rivals, against whom they had such a brilliant record in ICC tournaments.

These are the moments when fans all over the country sometimes cross the tolerance line and start thinking the match was fixed. Yes, the conspiracy theorists. It’s not really a serious issue if a fan claims so, but when a public figure or any other celebrity says the side for fixing the match, things get worse, especially on social media.

#3 Union Minister claimed

#3 Union Minister claimed

Union minister Ramdas Athawale in an event at Ravi Bhavan, Nagpur, said to the media that the India-Pakistan final was fixed and raised doubts as to how did the players’ so badly after they had played so well throughout the tournament. He also demanded an inquiry on this issue.

RPI leader said, “How could the cricketers, who played so well in the entire tournament, did not perform in the final match (in London on June 18)? It appears that the match was fixed and we demand an inquiry into it,”

#2 Give Best Dalit's Player A Chance

#2 Give Best Dalit's Player A Chance

“Rest the under-performers and give chance to cricketers from Dalit community”

Ramdas also requested the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to give a chance to the rest of the cricketers who didn’t perform well in the Champions Trophy and the talented cricketers from the Dalit community should be given a chance in their place.

“Those who did not perform should be rested and eligible cricketers from the Dalit community should be given a chance in the team,” he quoted as saying by Rediff. He also said that the Dalit and the tribal community should have 25% reservation cricket and other sports.

#1 Justification

Athawale went on to the extent of naming Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli among those he thinks underperformed. Watch the video posted by Times Now where he is justifying why he thinks the game was fixed.

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