5 Times People Around the World Did Not Take Female Sports Journalists Seriously.

Blog By mariam  |  05-07-18

Journalism is a thankless job, while people tear onto them if they misreport but rarely does someone bring to notice the harsh things they have to face, case in point being these 5 examples where the female reporters were not treated correctly.

Colombian journalist at the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, live on TV.

There are many examples where a man being cheap towards female reporters and not letting them do their job. When a man kissed a Colombian journalist. She posted the video on her Instagram with a caption

RESPECT! We do not deserve this deal. We are equally valuable and professional. I share the joy of football, but we must identify the limits of affection and harassment.

Brazilian Reporter

When a guy tried to kiss a Brazilian reporter, she was doing a live report from the World Cup in Russia. She gave back him and said:

Don't do this! Never do this again. I don't allow you to do this, never, OK? This is not polite, this is not right. Never do this to a woman, OK? Respect.

Chris Gayle Flirting With Reporter

Chris Gayle Flirting With Reporter

The fans and audience are not the only people to harass women. When Chris Gayle flirted with a journalist and continued despite her obvious irritation. Even Chris Gayle also couldn't stop himself flirting with a journalist.

Mexico Journalist

 Mexico Journalist

When a group of men surrounded a female journalist in Champions League in Mexico and one of them pinched her from behind, excite a furious reaction. She hit him with her microphone. She was later said,

What happened to me at dawn happens to thousands of women every day in public spaces. The difference is that it happened to me during a live link on television and I decided to defend myself.

Ukrainian Reporter

Ukrainian Reporter

These crazy Dutch fans did not let a Ukrainian TV reporter do her job continuously. They interrupted her with marriage proposals and lifting her clothes.

The anchor tried to maintain her calm but the fans kept coming in front of the camera and harassed her to the extent that she couldn't even complete her report.

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