Wow! This Is What Kapil Sharma's EX-Girlfriend Said About Kapil's New Girlfriend. Hilarious!

Blog By suhas  |  21-03-17

You won't believe what Kapil's ex-girlfriend just said...

#3 His Love

The world is wishing good luck to Kapil over his announcement on his love life. People from every strata of our society looked really happy and cheerful for him.

His celebrity friends are leaving no stone unturned to make this new relationship of his life more special for him.

#2 The Surprising Message

#2 The Surprising Message

The most surprising wish was from Kapil Sharma's ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes. No one expected Preeti to comment on this Latest Kapil Sharma relationship.

Keep reading ahead to see what she said.

#1 Preeti's Reply

Preeti, very politely wished Kapil all the luck for his future. She also posted a picture with Kapil. An interesting fact is that she used #nofilter in the tweet.

Was she taking a dig at Kapil's new girlfriend and the picture that he posted with her? Only Preeti can tell now!

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