Watch: You'll Cry After Watching What Modi Did When He Heard Muslims Praying Near His Speech Location. Claps!

Blog By suhas  |  20-04-17

I never expected this to happen. A Must watch!

#3 Narendra Modi

#3 Narendra Modi

As Indians, we have to admit the fact that we have possibly the most popular Prime minister in the world. Countries have popular and influential Presidents, we have a Prime Minister fulfilling that need.

Contrary to all the prejudices that people had about Modi, he has become a very secular friendly successful prime minister.

#2 Azaan Moment

#2 Azaan Moment

Right now Sonu Nigam is trending on almost every social media platform that we know. People are going bizarre on his tweet regarding Azaan. A lot of controversy took birth because of this.

But do you know someone else also had an Azaan moment once upon a time? He was none other than our PM Modi.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened next.

#1 The Video

So apparently last year during West Bengal Assembly polls, when Narendra Modi was in West Midnapore district’s BNR Ground for his campaign. While he was giving his speech, Azaan started playing nearby.

What he did next, you might ask. Well, he did something that no one expected him to do. Checkout the video.

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