Watch: What Happened When Virat Kohli Got Drinks For The Entire Team As A Waterboy. Outstanding!

Blog By suhas  |  25-03-17

This is amazing...

#3 4th Match

#3 4th Match

India and Australia are competing against each other for the series in the 4th Test match at Dharamsala. The match started on a horrific note for India when at toss everyone realized that Kohli isn't playing the game.

Rahane came out for the toss and the fans were disappointed because of Kohli's absence.

#2 Kohli on Ground

#2 Kohli on Ground

Just when people thought that they aren't gonna get a glimpse of Virat on ground, something amazing happened. People actually got to see Virat on ground much before anyone expected.

The man came out doing something that no one ever thought he would. He got water for the entire team as a water man. What happened next?

Keep reading ahead to see that.

#1 The Video

Kohli came out as a water boy within first 30 minutes of the game. He was welcomed with great applause and whistles. The entire social media went bizarre and people couldn't believe their eyes.

First ever water boy with 10,000+ international runs under his belt? Amazing!

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