Watch: This Is How Call Centre Employees Behave With Customers In Reality. Shocking And Disgusting!

Blog By suhas  |  15-03-17

The reality is unbelievable...

#3 Call Centres

#3 Call Centres

The call centre culture in India is not new. Something that started in early 2000's as a source of easy and quick income for youngsters has become a serious career option for thousands.

We. as consumers are largely depended on call centres. Right from a product replacement to a serious network issues, we call the helplines all the time.

#2 From The Other Side

#2 From The Other Side

But every time we call a service centre or a call centre as we know it, we are on the other side of the call. We are completely unaware of the action on the other side.

By what we know and we are about to show you, the action is not cool. The behavior of the employee to a customer is not worthy.

Checkout the video ahead.

#1 The Video

The video below shows an employee talking to a customer. Very honestly speaking, I don't need to say anything as the expressions of this lady while talking on the phone speaks for itself.

Again, not trying to generalize things by stating that every call centre employee is like this but just trying to highlight one part of the reality that we didn't know about.

Checkout the video.

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