Watch: Shraddha Kapoor is Not Arjun Kapoor's Half Girlfriend! Check Out The Real One its really interesting. WOW!

Blog By Arpana  |  16-05-17

Now that is news...

#3 Arjun's Half Girlfriend trailer

#3 Arjun's Half Girlfriend trailer

After trailer of Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor's new film ‘Half Girlfriend' came out, Men are totally relating with Arjun Kapoor's unrequited love story!

#2 Their twitter chat

But the trailer left Ranveer Singh feeling a little insecure because he clearly doesn't like sharing his baba, Arjun Kapoor. Their bromance ain't new information, This is what already entertained us...

Parineeti joined in on the fun because, why not!

And that's what Arjun Kapoor had to say.

#1 In the video..

Here is the latest video

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