Unbelievable! This Is What Sunil Grover Is Doing After Leaving Kapil Sharma's Show. Wow!

Blog By suhas  |  25-03-17

So Sunil grover is finally back to work but not with Kapil...

#3 The Tiff

#3 The Tiff

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover were trending online in India from so many days. Indian television has never seen a tiff like this ever before.

Reports of cast members leaving the show and boycotting it flooded the Internet. But in all this, the man himself Sunil Grover decided to stay as mum as possible.

#2 The Fight

#2 The Fight

After the entire fight, Kapil tried his level best to pacify things and get his lost reputation back by pleading Grover to come back on his show but everything went in vain.

Grover is not coming back on the show no matter what. And now, he is doing something else in life. The man has moved on with a new work.

Keep reading ahead to see what he is doing.

#1 The Video

According to a new video on YouTube, Sunil Grover has left Kapil's show but not his character from the show. He is yet performing the character of DR Mashoor Gulati on stage.

So Grover has favored stage shows over Kapil's show. Interesting! Checkout the video here and you'll know how amazing Sunil is even on stage.

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