Twitter Went Mad On Mukesh Ambani's Birthday. Checkout The Best And The Funniest Birthday Wishes On Twitter...

Blog By suhas  |  19-04-17

This is the best possible wishes on twitter...

#5 National Father-In-Law

This woman knows the importance, stature and relationship of Mukesh Ambani with the entire country. I am stunned by how quickly Indians can make relations with one another. Something that western world should learn from us?

#4 This Date

Now this is something to think about. If dates could talk, 19th April would've been the luckiest of all?

Keep reading ahead to see more such amazing tweets.

#3 Real Santa

Now we know who's the real Santa, don't we? Happy Birthday Mukesh Ambani and thank you so much for making millions of lives amazing by your simple move.

#2 England Ki Rani...

Now I wonder what will the queen of England say after reading this tweet. Wait, she'll not understand this...

#1 Proud Indian!

I completely agree with this man. Mukesh Ambani makes India proud. And we wish this man a ver happy and prosperous life ahead. Cheers!

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