Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Snapchat. Here Are Some Brutally Insulting Tweets About Snapchat's CEO! Wow!

Blog By suhas  |  16-04-17

All of us need to see this...

#5 The Comparisons

Zuckerberg once admitted that India is the second biggest market for Facebook. Tim Cook also believes that India is a very profitable market for Apple than how on earth can Evan Spiegal call us poor?

#4 Loud And Clear

The message is loud and clear for Snapchat's CEO. This is what people are doing in India with Snapchat. By the looks of it, in the matter of hours from now, Snapchat will have very low ratings on the app store.

Checkout more tweets ahead.

#3 An Unknown Fact

Now this is an interesting fact that not many know! Well now you know! Indians are going all in man!

#2 Sesitive issue

Now this is just touching a very sensitive issue that even Indian Government doesn't!

#1 A Movie

Now foe we Indians, life is a Bollywood movie and we just can't leave it behind. Only if it really was!

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