Twitter Can't Stop Talking About N.Korea's Missile Launch Fail. Here Are The Insulting Tweets About Kim Jong

Blog By suhas  |  17-04-17

This is the funniest thing ever...

#5 All The Jokes

I think its time Kim Jong mentally prepares himself for becoming the butt of all the jokes as his very ambitious project tanked like no ones business.

#4 Like This

So when I said butt of all the jokes, this is what I meant. The man will have to face this a lot from now.

Keep reading ahead to see more such funny tweets.

#3 And This...

Beware. This is crazy. This autocratic leader must have never thought something like this will happen with him. Wow! People are just trolling him.

#2 The Comparison

And here comes the killer most of all. Direct comparison between both the crazy leaders.

#1 And Tinder!

People will even bring Tinder into the picture. I really don't think anyone will ever be scared of Kim again!

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