Tina Dutta Poses Bold For Photoshoot With Nude Ankit Bhatia.

Blog By Hazel  |  14-12-17

Steamy Calendar Photoshoot.

Popular T.V Show.

We all know Tina Dutta from the popular T.V show, 'Uttaran' where she played a role of a shy girl named, 'Iccha'.

Well we always have this image of her of a shy 'Sanskari Bahu' but she stunned us with her recent photoshoot.

Bold Photoshoot With Nude Ankit Bhatia.

Tina Dutta aka 'Iccha' went bold for a calendar photoshoot where she is seen wearing a black halter neck swimsuit with side cutouts.

What is more shocking is that she is posing with a nude model and actor Ankit Bhatia.

Filmmaker and Photographer.

Filmmaker and photographer Amit Khanna is the one who shot these steamy photos.

He says “It was for the streaming calendar the theme is streaming hot. This picture is used for the month of February as it’s about love. This pic depicts a strong glamorous woman who rules in world of men.”

Tina Was Pretty Chilled Out About The Shoot.

Amit Khanna had also made the gay web series – All about Article 377. Ankit Bhatia had played the main lead in the web series.

Tina Datta is currently seen on Colors' Suryaputra Shanidev.

Tina was pretty chilled out about the steamy photoshoot shoot.
When she took to Instagram to share these pictures, she got trolled by viewers. To our surprise she didn't seem to care about it.

Don’t save anything for a special occasion-being alive is a special occasion! #dior #diorobsessed

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