This is What your favorite celebrities think about Supreme Court's Death Penalty To Nirbhaya's Rapists. Strange!

Blog By Arpana  |  06-05-17

We just hope Nirbhaya's soul rests in peace...

Nirbhaya gets Justice

The 23-year-old was gang-raped and tortured on a bus that she had climbed onto after being assured by the driver that she would be dropped home. Hours later, she was dumped on a road, naked and bleeding. She was brutalized so badly - her intestines were pulled out by the youngest of six rapists - that she died 13 days later.

Four of the rapists, sentenced to death by the trial court and High Court, will hang, the Supreme Court said today, rejecting their appeal for mercy. Bus driver Ram Singh was found hanging in his prison cell and the sixth convict, who was just short of 18 when he was arrested, was released to a facility after three years in a correction home.

Even Nirbhaya’s parents are very happy with this decision; they say that it’s a victory for their family. Meanwhile Twitter users are in a celebration mode as the apex court has passed orders to hang those 4 convicts.

Check out what they said;

#10 Yogi Adityanath

#9 Rituparna Chatterjee

#8 Vishal Dadlani

#7 Subramanian Swamy

#6 Dr Kumar Vishvas

#5 Rajat Sharma

#4 ShivrajSingh Chouhan

#3 Kiran Bedi

#2 Barkha Dutt

#1 Nirbhaya's father in an interview

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