This Tweet By Sunil Grover And Kiku Sharda Will Make Kapil Sharma Cry Like A Baby...

Blog By suhas  |  09-04-17

Sunil and Kiku both did something in their tweets which isn't good for Kapil...

#3 The Kapil Sharma Show

#3 The Kapil Sharma Show

Just like Shahrukh and Salman in Bollywood, Kapil and Sunil in Television have created a huge national controversy due to their ugly brawl mid air while coming back to the country from Australia.

Sunil, Chandan and Ali decided to boycott the show and since that day, they haven't performed for Kapil.

#2 Kiku Sharda

In the entire spat, Kiku Sharda was the only one who actually stayed back with Kapil. He regularly came for the shoot and is one of those very a few original stars of the show to be with Kapil.

But at the same time, he kept doing shows which were signed in advance with Sunil Grover. Then came this tweet.

Sunil's reply to this tweet will make Kapil Sharma cry...

#1 Sunil's Reply

Sunil had a very smart reply to this Tweet. The interesting bit is that both Kiku and Sunil didn't really mention Kapil's name. This clearly states the current image and importance of Kapil in his co-actors life. Not cool.

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