This Legendary Actor Tried Solving Things Between Kapil And Sunil. Sunil's Reply? Hilarious...

Blog By suhas  |  18-04-17

Are they getting together? Not getting together?

#3 IPL

#3 IPL

2 things that can really cheer up the Indians right now is a good game of Cricket in IPL and The Kapil Sharma Show with Sunil Grover in it. These are the two things that would make Indians incredibly happy, quite literally!

And therefore, the biggest of our Bollywood celebs are trying to somehow mend things between both these amazing comedians.

#2 Rishi Kapoor

One such celeb who recently tried solving things between Kapil and Sunil is Rishi Kapoor. Via one of his Tweets, Rishi Kapoor tried sorting the issue between both these TV superstars.

Sunil Grover replied to this tweet and his reply is incredibly funny.

Keep reading ahead to see Sunil's reply.

#1 Sunil's Reply

Sunil, as funny as he is gave a stunning reply.

Well, this tweet by Sunil has clearly erased all the hopes of him and Kapil performing together ever again.

We hear he has a new show coming on Sony. We wish him all the luck for that.

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