This Is How Crazy Baba Ram Rahim Is Behaving In The Jail...

Blog By suhas  |  01-09-17

You need to check this out...

The Behavior

We all know what happened with Baba Ram Rahim. The self proclaimed God is behind the bars today for his utterly disgusting deeds. They say Baba Ram Rahim has gone mad in the Jail.

Wanna know what he does inside the jail everyday? Check out the video here to know that...

The Condition

The Condition

Apparently, the man is missing his so called daughter honeypreet and is requesting the authorities to let her live with him. He's also screaming his lungs out that he's innocent.

This is not where it ends. He isn't even eating food or sleeping properly.

What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

Ram Rahim is not the first Baba in India to be punished like this. We all know what happened with Aasa Ram Bapu. But yet, we choose to follow their path.

Isn't it our mistake? Isn't it our fault? Aren't we the one to promote this Baba culture? Let us know your views regarding this by commenting here.

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