Then And Now: Siddharth Bhardwaj The Winner Of Splits villa And Ex Big Boss Contestant Has Lost 15 Kg And Look How He Transformed Now!

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Salman Khan Changed This Ex Big boss Contestant Life.

#4 Siddharth Inspired By Salman Khan

#4 Siddharth Inspired By Salman Khan

TV Actor siddharth Bhardwaj is a DJ now and says that superstar Salman Khan pushed him to stop his unhealthy lifestyle and get back in shape.

Siddharth is the winner of 'MTV Splits villa' and also the'Big Boss' contestant had turned into a DJ now. He also started consuming lot of junk food and alcohol in parties and pubs which spoiled his physic.

#3 Siddharth Confession

#3 Siddharth Confession

Siddharth confess that, "I was really unfit and was leading an erratic lifestyle. I used to miss my previous shape but was lethargic to get it back."

He further says that, "I finally got a reality check from Salman 'bhai' and I can easily say that he was the one whose words inspired me to kick fat out of my system. It feels like a new life altogether."

#2 Fat to Fab

It took four month for Siddharth to bring himself back in 6 pack abs. His weight gained upto 90 kg and his height is 5’11, and it hurts a lot when girls started calling him 'Uncle'.

After loosing this much weight he feels, “like a feather... I have never been in a better shape than this, I’m completely ripped,” he says.

Double tap for this brilliant transformation of Sidharth Bhardwaj! Bravo!

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#1 Tips

#1 Tips

No one can be Akshay Kumar overnight. “Fortunately I was reading a lot and talking to people about fitness; trying to find new ways of cooking. Eating raw vegetables and soup doesn’t work.”

Siddharth learnt to cook healthy and made amazing diet plan for himself. “Only you can stop yourself from slipping. Though at times I crave butter chicken and pizza!”

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