Some Of The Biggest Screw-Ups In History.

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#5 The Great Plague

#5 The Great Plague

The plaque in London worsened due to the killing of cats by the people, as they believed the cats to be the carriers of the plague virus. But, as the cats diminished the real culprits- rats population exploded resulting in plague to get even worse.

#4 California Cedar Fire

#4  California Cedar Fire

2003 saw the worst fires ever in Southern California when over 800,000 acres worth of land was destroyed by wildfires. Known to be as Cedar Fire, it was started by a lost lone hunter, in the woods, had shot off a signal flare to alert rescuers that he needed help and the blaze quickly grew with the Sana Ana winds.

#3 Late Fee’s

#3   Late Fee’s

Netflix is the result of a late fee when in 1997, Mark Randolph somehow acquired a $40 late fee from Blockbuster on a single movie rental. Since he was sued by Blockbuster for this, Mark decided to to go into the business for himself and co-founded Netflix, which is worth $40 billion today and has, ran their competition Blockbuster into the ground.

#2 World’s Oldest Tree

#2   World’s Oldest Tree

One of the world’s oldest tree was cut down in 1964, by Donald Rusk Currey, who was studying what is known as the Little Ice Age in the White Mountains of California. After taking core samples he cut down a tree which was over 5000 years old. However, a new tree old was discovered in 2012

#1 Baker Burns Down London

#1   Baker Burns Down London

On September 2, 1666, a small fire broke out at Thomas Farriner’s bakery in the downtown area. This small spark set a pile of fuel on fire, which spread quickly to the entire city of London, England. Homes, businesses, and lives were lost in this fire and the whole London burned for three days.

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