Shweta Tiwari's PROMISED Something Beautiful To Her Adorable One Year Old.

Blog By Hazel  |  06-12-17

This Will Melt Your Heart.

Little One Turned One.

We all know Shweta Tiwari for her famous roles in the T.V Shows.

The actress is blessed with a son who turned one last week.

She has been sharing adorable pictures of her little prince on social media ever since his birth.

Morning sunshine ☀️

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Beautiful Promise.

Shweta Tiwari's son Reyansh have the most beautiful promise from his Mum.

The actor promised her son to visit a new place with him every year on his birthday, so that he could count the number of places he has visited through his age.

Happy One year to my whole soul, my son, my happiness, to you Reyansh. (I know I'm excruciatingly late but where we celebrated his birthday didn't have a constant flow of network) Reyansh, my life felt absolutely idyllic and complete until you came along. Because it was only after you that I realised how much I craved you and how much my life craved you. I've always found it amusing how such a small baby can fill out such enormous places in a family's household. You've become our life Reyansh. And somebody who's filled out such a gigantic void in my heart only deserves a huge void filled in his. Every second person I know/see/hear of has the desire to travel the world, but my baby, that'll never be your wish, because I've decided on each birthday I'll take you to a new place, city or country so you can count the number of places you've visited through your age. I figured this way your currently fragile mind will have so many more dreams and moreover unique dreams to want to pursue, because my sweetheart your mom has travelling covered. That's why I celebrated your first birthday in Vaishnodevi, because what better place to Commence than the shrine of Maa, a blessing that'll protect you throughout your marvellous life. I love you so much my angel,

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Heartfelt Message.

Shweta chose to celebrate her little one's birthday in Vaishnodevi.

The television star took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message for her son that she shared with all her fans.


Shweta's resolve gives goals to all mums out there.

According to child experts showing new places to children is highly informational and various researches have pointed out that kids who are well travelled have a better-rounded personality.

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