Shocking: This Video With 16 Girls Is Gonna Kill Your Mind. Another Reason Why MUMBAI Is Unsafe.

Blog By suhas  |  15-03-17

This is Mumbai and by no means is this cool. Unbelievable...

#3 Sapno Ki Nagari

#3 Sapno Ki Nagari

Mumbai- Sapno Ki Nagari. We Indians have given this tagline to the business capital of our country. But the point is, does it really deserve all the respect that it gets?

Well, it surely does because of the million things it has to offer everyone but then, there are things that ruin its reputation and this incident is one of them.

#2 The Incident

#2 The Incident

This incident involves 16 girls and trust me with this, if there is a hint of humanity in you, you are going to cringe. The story also involves a very looked down upon element Dance Bar.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened.

#1 The Store House

So Mumbai Police raided a dance bar in the Borivali area of Mumbai. They were stunned to see what was happening there. In the kitchen of the bar, there was a sealed store house with no light and very minimum air just enough to survive.

There were 16 girls locked inside the store house. Police rescued all the girls and arrested the manager and the owner of the bar. The investigations are on.

PS: The girls were in a condition that we can't even describe. Checkout the video.

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