Shocking: This Popular Bollywood Actress Slapped Her Co-Star On The Kapil Sharma Show...

Blog By suhas  |  05-03-17

This incident was ugly...

#3 The Kapil Sharma Show

#3 The Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show is known to entertain the audience in a very funny way. The brand of comedy suits Indians and the show enjoys a great fan base. But there have been instances in the past where things have gotten really ugly.

And no, with that, I don't mean the burnt set or Kapil and Sunil's tiff but a proper fight between two movie stars.

#2 The Incident

#2 The Incident

So let's give you a brief of what happened. The entire star cast of a movie came on the Kapil Sharma show to promote their film. The star cast involved a very popular bollywood personality.

Both the actresses backstage had a tiff with each other and one of them ended up slapping the other one.

Keep reading ahead to see who these actresses were.

#1 The Actresses

The movie that we are talking about is Himesh Reshamiya's 'The Expose'. And the actresses are Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut. Things got so intense that Reshamiya had to interfere in between.

Zoya slapped Sonali and things got uglier. We'll let the video do all the talking.

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