Shocking! This Bollywood Actress Claims To be PM Narendra Modi's Daughter. This Is Unbelievable...

Blog By suhas  |  18-04-17

What? Our PM has a daughter???

#3 PM Modi

#3 PM Modi

India is a funny place. Everyday, we have a new controversy taking birth that none of us can believe for starters. But then slowly, what started as a rumour turns out to be a reality.

No on would understand this better than our PM Modi. He's always been surrounded by a lot of controversy.

#2 The New Claim

#2 The New Claim

And once again, our PM got a shock of his life when one Bollywood actress claimed to be his daughter. Ya, this Madhur Bhandarkar find claims that she is Modi's daughter.

I know it isn't easy to believe this but well, we'll tell you the reality.

Keep reading ahead to see which actress this is.

#1 The Actress

The actress is none other than Avani Modi. AVani was a part of Madhur Bhandarkar's Calendar Girls. In an interview recently, she said that she is Modi's Daughter.

After realizing the controversy that she gave rise to, she immediately changed her statement saying that she is from Gujarat and like every other girl in Gujarat, she considers Modi as her father.

Checkout the video.

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