Rishi Kapoor Insults Priyanka Chopra In The Worst Way Possible Due To Vinod Khanna's Death. Damn!

Blog By suhas  |  28-04-17

This is not cool...

#3 Vinod Khanna

#3 Vinod Khanna

Our industry got a huge shock yesterday morning as one of the biggest legends of our industry left all of us forever. Vinod Khanna Ji had a great life, great career but not a very great ending.

He was suffering from cancer and had a painful end to his life. It was an instant halt for Bollywood as it was time to mourn for another great life.

#2 On Twitter

#2 On Twitter

Every mega Bollywood star shared their piece of mind on Twitter. Every Tweeted for Khanna paying their final respects. Unfortunately, one Tweeted wasn't as thankful as the others.

The Tweet was of none other than Vinod Khanna's co star from Amar, Akbar and Anthony co-star Rishi Kapoor.

Keep reading ahead to see what he Tweeted.

#1 The Tweet

This is what Rishi Kapoor Tweeted. The fact that actors could attend Priyanka Chopra's party but not Vinod Khanna's funeral ticked of Rishi Kapoor majorly and rightly so.

Priyanka Chopra hasn't replied to this Tweet. It'll be interesting to see her reply on this!

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