Revealed: This Is Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali And The Reason Is Shocking. Unbelievable!

Blog By suhas  |  16-03-17

I can't believe this. The reality is on another level...

#3 Bahubali

#3 Bahubali

Back in time when Bahubali released, the biggest mystery of our country became the murder mystery of Bahubali by Kattappa. All of us kept wondering why Kattappa killed Bahubali.

This is what made the final installment of Bahubali so hyped. I don't remember the last time we waited this badly for a movie.

#2 Disloyalty

#2 Disloyalty

Bahubali is possibly the most expensive Indian movie ever made. It was also a a huge Box Office hit as well. A lot of speculations were on about the reason behind Kattappa's disloyalty towards Bahubali.

Well, we all we know the reality very soon and we cannot wait anymore.

Keep reading ahead to know how.

#1 The Trailer

The trailer of Bahubali 2 is out and the mystery is gonna be unveiled soon. The trailer looks magnificent and well it surely comes across as the kost expensive movie ever made in Bollywood. Hats Off To Dharma.

Checkout the trailer.

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