Remember little Girl From Slumdog Millionaire Who Played Latika? This Is How She Looks Now.

Blog By mariam  |  30-11-17

Latika's Young Role Was Played By Tanvi Lonkar.

#5 Cute Tanvi Lonkar's

#5 Cute Tanvi Lonkar's

When the film Slumdog Millionaire came out, It got too much attention world wide through media. It was a proud moment for Dev Patel and Freida Pinto and their career took a massive turn since the movie was hit worldwide.

rather have more stamps on our passports than stuff in our homes, right? 🍻✈️😉

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#4 Winter Blush

The role of young Latika was played by Tanvi Lonkar. She played her role to perfection. Here we have some beautiful pictures of that girl, who looks beautiful and gorgeous now.

#3 Hot!

She is cute and bubbly, her smile is very attractive and it just make our heart melt. She is currently in US and studying. She paints and sketches really well.

metallic 🌚🌝

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#2 Dancer Tanvi

Tanvi was only 14 years old when she featured in the film Slumdog Millionaire. She is a big fan of classical dancing since her childhood. She got chance to dance In the role of young Latika in the film.

back at it😛 #imsointoyou #arianagrade #musically

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#dessert for ya 🍧😂 #musically

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drake begged me to do this guys lol #onedance #musically

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#1 Stylish Girl

She is quite a fitness freak and also active on social media. She is a fashionista and tries new styles.

throwback // repost

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