Remember This Little Iccha From Uttaran? This Is How She Looks Now...

Blog By suhas  |  25-10-17

The change is amazing...

#4 Uttaran

#4 Uttaran

We all remember the cute and adorable kid who played the role of Ichcha in the serial Uttaran on Colors! Sparsh Khanchandani won everyone's hearts with her adorable acting.

Back then, she became one of the most popular child actors and gained a lot of appreciation!

#3 Grown Up

#3 Grown Up

This ichcha is all grown up now and looks absolutely stunning! She looks as cute as she looked when she was a little kid.

She has definitely grown to become an even prettier women on her part!

#2 Some Pictures

She's pretty active on instagram and keeps posting her pictures every now and then. Here are some of her Insta pictures.

A little amour propre never hurt anyone, did it?

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Amazing, right? Well, we have much more for you!

#1 More Pictures

Take a look at some of her more photos posted by herself on Instagram.

Eyes do say a lot... All u need is that keen sense of hearing.

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Love Yourself ❤❤

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Well, as cute as it can get! Beauty at its best!

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