Post Fight With Sunil Grover, Kapil Tweets After 14 Long Days And You Won't Believe What He Said. Amazing...

Blog By suhas  |  04-04-17

I am really feeling very bad for this man...

#3 Kapil's Downfall

#3 Kapil's Downfall

From a point where all of us were very angry and upset over Kapil's bad behaviour with Sunil Grover on flight, we've reached to a point now where we are feeling really bad for Kapil.

The man who was once considered to be the comedy king of our country had to cancel his shoot in first 15 minutes because no one laughed on his jokes.

#2 Kapil's Absence

#2 Kapil's Absence

After the entire fight with Sunil, Kapil tweeted on a few occasions but mostly to Sunil Grover to apologize. Suddenly, after sometime Kapil completely vanished from social media websites.

Everyone was speculating the reason but no one had any idea. Finally, Kapil has revealed the real reason behind his absence.

Keep reading ahead to see the reason.

#1 The Reason

This is what Kapil Tweeted. Kapil’s last tweet was on 20th of March, and after 14 days of wait, he once again took to Twitter to share an update. To be honest, we are missing his show.

We just wish him good luck and hope that everything sorts out soon.

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