PM Modi Was Caught Daydreaming At An International Summit And Internet Is Badly Losing It!

Blog By suhas  |  14-09-17

You need to see the reactions...

#5 Our Beloved PM

#5 Our Beloved PM

There's no denying that Modi is the biggest international face India has seen in years. His might cannot be matched with anyone else. Whatever he does becomes a news.

So recently, our beloved PM was in Xiamen, China to attend the 9th BRICS Summit. The man was captured day dreaming mid conference and people online went crazy over that.

#4 This Tweet

People on Twitter had a good time commenting on this picture. This is what one of them said.

#3 Monday Morning

The pain of waking up on Monday morning can be seen on Modi's face. Well, this is way too relatable, right?

#2 Any Hidden Goals

Now people are talking about Modi's hidden goals. Well, we aren't saying anything. But this is funny!

#1 Is It True?

So how many of you think that WHat is written in this twwet is true? Let us know in the comments section below.

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