OMG: This Bollywood Actor Got Attacked Very Badly And May Lose His Right Eye Forever. Checkout Who!

Blog By suhas  |  03-04-17

I am scared for his career..

#3 Bollywood

#3 Bollywood

Bollywood is a strange strange place. Here, if people love you, they'll love you to an extent that they'll kill others for you and god forbid if they don't like you, they'll not like you to an extent that they'll do anything to take you down.

Something on very similar lines happened with this Bollywood actor who has graced tons of movies with his presence.

Keep reading ahead to see which actor we are talking about.

#2 The Attack

#2 The Attack

The actor that we are talking about is Jeetu Verma. The man is popular for playing negative characters in superhit films like Soldier, Son of Sardar etc.

The man was BRUTALLY ATTACKED in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. If reports are to be believed, the actor was travelling from Jaipur to Mount Abu by road and was attacked by some locals.

#1 The STatement

His brother said, “There is a 40-km patch of forest area near Chittorgarh, which is en route. It was broad daylight and Jeetu was sitting next to the driver in the front seat. Suddenly, some locals started pelting their car. The driver picked up speed but the stones kept coming. One hit the windshield and it cracked. Jeetu’s eye was hit and bleeding profusely even as the driver raced away.”

The exact reason for the attack isn't known but well, nothing can justify this brutality and this just makes us sad.

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