KRK Bought An iPhone 8 For His daughter. His Daughter's Reply Is Making The Entire Internet Go LOL!

Blog By suhas  |  26-09-17

This Is Crazy...

#5 KRK

#5 KRK

We always knew there is something terribly wrong with KRK. But with recent turn of events, it seems as if something is terribly wrong with his entire family.

The man recently updated his Twitter by saying that he bough a new iPhone 8 for his daughter. His daughter's reply is what is making Internet mad!

#4 The Reply

What would be your reaction if your Dad surprises you with an iPhone 8? You'll be excited, right? Well no. This girl was anything but excited. Look what she replied.

#3 The Reactions

Well, you need to checkout the reactions here. People are going crazy over this comment. ANd trust me, the reactions are damn hilarious. Look at this one for instance.

Now this is funny, isn't it?

#2 Another One

And then came this one. Now this is again a classic way to insult anyone and everyone you know. I am already loving this so much.

There's more.

#1 One More

And then this one as well. KRK and his family is getting trolled like anything on this planet!

What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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