Jail Main Baba Ram Rahim Ka Yeh Hoga Routine. Karna Padega Yeh Kaam, Tab Milega Khaana...

Blog By suhas  |  29-08-17

Jaaniye kya karna hoga khaane ke liye...

The Routine

No matter which social media platform you are on, Baba Ram Rahim is trending everywhere. Now that he's Jailed for 20 years, I am sure you'd wanna know what he'll do inside.

Checkout the video below to see his routine and know what he'll have to do to get food.

Ram Rahim

Ram Rahim

This so called baba has been convicted for raping one of his Sadhvi's. He is expected to wake up early in the morning and stand in the line to eat food.

He'll be helping out the prison is works like cleaning and gardening. Sudden change of lifestyle, isn't it?

Baba's Life Over?

Baba's Life Over?

You think Baba's life is over? Do you think the punishment is enough? Why are we as the citizens of India so superstitious? You think it's time to sit back and think?

Let us know your opinion about this below...

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