Inside Pictures: Bandagi Kalra Is Raising Temperatures In The Lastest Photoshoot.

Blog By Hazel  |  11-12-17

Check Out Her Instagram Pictures.

Bandagi Kalra Posted On Instagram.

Bandagi Kalra was a contestant on Bigg Boss 11 and was a Love interest of Puneesh Sharma.

As viewers we felt that they were with each other only because of the camera. Just to be in the game. However, they are in denial about the same.

Kalra was eliminated from the house and Puneesh was in pieces after she left. Now that she is popular face, she had a hot photoshoot of which she posted pictures on Instagram.

#slayqueen 💖

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Shows Off Her Back.

Bandgi, intends to be an actress and is looking quite hot in these pictures. She shows off her sexy back in this picture.

Live fast , Die young !!

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National Television.

It seems she followed the her Instagram caption in the house too. Her carelessness while getting intimate on national television was doing rounds on the internet.

Stepping out of the box🌟💫

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Will She Still Carry On With Puneesh.

Will She Still Carry On With Puneesh.

While she was in the house her romance with Puneesh was most talked about and as viewers we felt it was just for the cameras but when Bandagi was evicted, Salman himself backed their love story.

We still wonder if they carry on even after the show.

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