Indian Miss World: Beach Beauties In Swimsuits.

Blog By Hazel  |  25-11-17

Indian Miss World's Slaying In The Competition.

#3 Swimsuit Rounds.

Here are Indian Miss World's in the Beach Beauty round in swimsuits.

In recent years, Miss World has judged the swimsuit portion in front of a small panel instead of broadcasting it on TV.

Here are pictures and video clips of Indian Miss World's in swimsuit rounds.

#2 Slayed In Swimsuits.

#2 Slayed In Swimsuits.

Reita Faria was the first Indian Miss World and she looked gorgeous in the swimsuit round.

The Indian beauties slayed in swimsuits, right from the 1966.

#1 Ditched Bikini Rounds.

#1 Ditched Bikini Rounds.

The iconic ‘bikini round’, where contestants from around the world pose in swimsuits, has been ditched by the organisers after 63 years.

The Miss World beauty pageant will no longer feature a swimsuit round for contestants, as the organiser says it 'doesn't do anything for women'.

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