Her handwriting is nothing less than a print-out...Unbelievable!

Blog By Arpana  |  12-03-17

Check out what this girl has to say about it.

#3 Perks of having good handwriting

#3 Perks of having good handwriting

There are countless advantages of having good handwriting. Not only that your score is improves but also makes you favorite of many teachers.

It is also said that your handwriting reflects your character.

You usually come across people with good handwriting but when this Nepal girl Prakriti Malla writes its hard to differentiate whether its written or printed

Check it for yourself...

#2 All about her...

#2 All about her...

Prakriti is currently studying in a school called Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya situated in Nepal.

According to Prakriti's relatives, she practices handwriting for 2 hours on a daily basis.

They say that her handwriting is result of all her hardwork and efforts

#1 Her popularity on internet

#1 Her popularity on internet

Prakriti's handwriting is very popular on the internet and people are amazed by her talent.

She received many awards and appreciations from Nepal Government. This Std 8 girl and her handwriting is taking over the internet.

We are sure this little power house will make the entire world proud.

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