Damn: Decades Later Aishwarya Rai Reveals The Real Reason Behind Breaking Up With Salman Khan. Wow!

Blog By suhas  |  11-05-17

The Reason might just surprise you...

#3 Bollywood Controversies

#3  Bollywood Controversies

Bollywood is a funny place. Daily, you have a new controversy to start your day with. At the same time, celebrities keep saying that they don't know how the controversy started.

We can at least assure you that one such controversy can finally RIP now. We are talking about the controversy that includes Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan.

#2 Salman And Aishwarya

#2 Salman And Aishwarya

Aishwarya and Salman's affair was the biggest talk of the town. The couple looked very much in love with each other and started making public appearances.

What started as a fairy-tale romance ended up as the biggest tragedy any Bollywood couple ever faced. Finally Aishwarya revealed what went wrong with Salman.

Keep reading ahead to know that.

#1 The Reasons

#1 The Reasons

There were multiple reasons behind the breakup. In a press release, Aishwarya said, “For my well-being and for the self-respect of my family, I will not work with Mr Salman Khan. The chapter of Salman Khan was a nightmare in my life. I am thankful that it is over now.”

She further said, “I stood by him (Salman) enduring his alcoholic misbehavior in its worst phases and in turn I was at the receiving end of his abuse (verbal, physical and emotional), infidelity and indignity. That is why like any other self-respecting woman I ended my relationship with him.”

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