Contestant Luv Tyagi Looks Like Salman Khan, Here's The proof.

Blog By mariam  |  06-01-18

They look like brothers.

Luv Tyagi With Salman

Luv Tyagi With Salman

Bigg Boss 11 is coming to an end and we got one more Salman's look alike, Luv Tyagi. He is a β€˜commoner’ contestant who left behind popular actor Hiten Tejwani and Priyank Sharma from eliminations. He is in the top 6 contestants of the show.

Luv was very boring from starting and was puppet of Hina Khan. But later, when show came to an mid end he showed the drastic change in himself and started playing game better then Vikas and Hina.

Twitterati Response

Luv was very inactive in the house but still he managed to survive till now just because of his father who appealed for votes in Delhi. It was very surprising, as this never happened before with for any contestant.

Twitterati's response on similar looks with Salman is amazing. Take a look.


Followers of Bigg Boss are sharing pictures of Luv Tyagi in which he resemblance to the host of the show Salman Khan. He is very good looking personality for this generation.

Beard Look

If we see Salman Khan and Luv together they don't resemble each other but if we compare him with Salman's old pictures then there’s surely more than just little resemblance.

Luv himself is a huge Salman Khan fan, it seems.

Very Close

The face features are somehow resembling each other.

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